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Moulds for 2020 Javi Cela Design (04/2023)
Create your own Modern. Moulds available. Use foils as previously built or commission updates to your wishes. Rig and deck configurations up to you. This is a known quick hullshape and an easy way to fulfill your dreams of a new Modern. Moulds carefully stored at Isashiyard Composites, Cadiz, Spain. Contact Jose Gallardo,

BAH 1 Conch Fritters (01/2024)
1982 Peter Norlin design built by Sune Carlssons Batvarv. Asking £35,000. Lying Lymington, Hampshire, U.K. Full inventory and further details available on request. Contact Robert Leigh-Wood,

SUI 111 Thisbe, ex. HKG 2 (05/2024)
1987 Pelle Petterson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronang. 2021 European Champion at San Xenxo. New mast and sails 2021. Cradle. Totally equipped and updated with Howlett keel and rudder (2018). Demonstrated speed in all conditions. Ready to go for the 2023 Worlds at Cowes. If you want to save time and your goal is to win or be on the podium at the Worlds, this may be the boat. Contact Michel Teweles. Asking CHF 180,000.

USA 124 Meerblick Bear (05/2024)
1989 Pelle Petterson design - one of his last. Total refit in 2022. Full suits of sails. North Jibs and Kites 2022. Europesail main 2022. New Mast(two pieces) rigged in 2022. New Covers and shore bags. Cradle. Lying San Xenxo. Turnkey for the 2023 Worlds at Cowes. Asking price Euro 129.000 incl VAT. Contact: +491714354007

GBR 124 Blue Bird, ex USA 116 Chinook, SWE 103 Tibnorina
1981 Pelle Petterson 6 Metre built by Sune Carlssons Batvarv. One of 4 Pettersen boats built from the same mold in 1981 (same as multiple WC winner Junior) and is now on the market for the first time in 14 years. Competitive racing record. In early 2006 Blue Bird was the subject of a small refit which included a new paint job using 2 pack Jotun, Duropox deck paint, new Ian Howlett designed rudder and mast hydraulics. Blue Bird comes with number of sails, spares and her own shipping cradle. Full listing. Asking £45,000 VAT Paid. Make an offer. Lying Hampshire, U.K.

SUI 107 Gitana Junior II
1982 Grobety design built by Phillippe Durr. New Price - Asking €49,500. 2 masts. Newer (2019 & 2020) Elvstrom main, 2 genoas, .5 oz spinnaker and many older sails. Excellent condition with total refit completed 2018. Ready to go! Photos and full data sheet. On Lake Como. Contact The Metre Yard, or Federico Boracchi,

GER 86 Gosling, ex. S 86 Gosling, ex. K 80 Gosling
1971 Sparkman & Stephens design built at McGruer's in Scotland. Double planked mahogany over laminated frames. First owned by Sir Erik Maxwell. The second of 3 closely related developments following that of the 12 Metres Intrepid and Valiant. Gosling sailed in the 1973 World Cup in Seattle (8th of 20), and at the heavy air 1977 World Cup at Marstrand where she placed 4th of 21 in the 2 races she finished. Located: Bodman, Germany. Please contact Wilhelm Wagner: E-mail:


NOR 72 Noreg III (01/2024), ex US 88 Viking, Amigo IV
1938 Johan Anker design built at Anker & Jensen, Soon Slip, Norway. Noreg III is the last of the Anker 6 metres and was originally built for Crown Prince Olav V. Fully restored in excellent condition. Noreg comes with newer dacron sails, wood mast & boom and aluminum spinnaker pole. Rod rigging. She has stainless steel winches and the primary winches have the option of fitting handles for underdeck drive. The boat has not been in the limelight in a number of years, but has historic success and is attractively priced. Lying Nierlanden, Holland. Asking €65,000. Contact Robbe + Berking
+49 (0) 461 31 80 30 60,

GBR 74 Elghi II (01/2024)
1952 Francois Camatte design built by A. Chiesa at Cannes, France. Fantastic keel-up restoration completed by Master Shipwright Ingo Steinhusen of Robbe + Berking as a personal  restoration project. Elghi II comes with 2 masts, 2 carbon fiber spinnaker poles and a near new North mainsail and Medium Genoa used only for the 2023 Worlds. Quantum medium/heavy genoa – new and unused plus a selection of 3 – 4 spinnakers as well as training sails. Elghi II is immaculate and race ready in all respects. New measurement certificate issued in September 2023. The boat is attractively priced and interested parties are requested to contact the Owner, or the Owner’s representative with their expression of interest. Lying Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK. Owner’s Rep. Nicholas China, or +44 7930055200. Owner: Esben Poulsson +65 98628922.

US 51 Totem (11/2023)
1930 A.E. Luders design built at Luders Marine, Stamford, CT. Slender, beautiful and perfect. Totem was the light air scourge of Long Island Sound under Bill Luders and won the 1931 US Nationals. Immaculate restoration over several years completed in time for the 2009 Worlds where she placed 7th of 24 with 2 race wins. Totem has a spruce mast, boom, and spinnaker pole. Her winches are bronze and all running rigging is white. Her restoration has made her very sound and ready for many more years of competitive sailing. She needs to get back to Seawanhaka for the 2025 Worlds. Totem comes with a trailer and several sets of lightly used mains, headsails and spinnakers, Contact Jesse Smith

GBR 42 Melita (11/2023)
1934 William Fife design built at the William Fife & Son yard at Fairlie, Scotland. After a very successful Nordic career spanning 20+ years the current owner acquired the boat in Stockholm in 2004 and placed 13 of 28 at the 2005 World Championships in Sandhamn. The boat then had a major refit in Sweden by the yard of Thomas Larsson and Jonas Lorensson before coming home to the UK to be 14th of 25 at the 2007 WC at Cowes. Melita is in very good condition, well equipped with new running rigging, many recent sails and accessories. Boat was ready to go for 2023 worlds, but health issues kept her skipper ashore. She has a 2023 6 metre measurement certificate valid for 4 years and 2022 CIM Rating. Price: £27,500 Please contact David Roberts by email to

D 22 Clarity (09/2022)
1924 William Fife design built by Thornycroft. Beautiful with Olympic pedigree and successful racing history. Comfortable cockpit configuration and impeccable in all aspects. Excellent maintenance over the past 30 years. Ready to go for the 2023 World Championships at Cowes in the UK, then on to the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 100 year Anniversary of the 1924 Olympic sailing competition at Le Havre. Lying Newport, Rhode Island. Asking US $35,000. Contact Bill Doyle,

US 73 SAGA, ex. KC 33 Saga, ex. KB 49 Saga (04/2022
1936 designed & built by Bjarne Aas in Frederikstad, Norway. Superb condition due, in large part, to the unusually high quality of materials used in her original construction. SAGA’s Backbone (Stem, wood Keel, Rudder Post and Horn Timber) are constructed of Burmese Teak and the parts are held together by Bronze rod. Also of Teak are her Floors, Mast step, Rudder and Transom.  SAGA is the only Classic 6 known to have been constructed in this way. Her hull planking is full length, old growth Fir (aka Oregon pine) and 100% Original. Frames are of Elm and original (with the exception of the lower half of all Frames between Mast Step and Rudder stock which were replaced with laminated Oak frames of slightly increased scantling by Eric Jespersen Boatbuilders). More information here. Lying Port Madison, Bainbridge Island, Washington. Asking price Euros 130,000.  Contact: Kimo Mackey,

US 60 Nancy (12/2022)
1932 Sparkman & Stephens design built by Henry B. Nevins, City Island, N.Y. Double planked construction - mahogany over white cedar. Fast and beautiful with excellent pedigree and successful recent racing history. 3 masts -2 aluminum, 1 wood. 4 booms - 2 aluminum, 2 wood. 2 spinnaker poles - carbon fiber. Original cockpit configuration. Recent structural work continues her excellent maintenance over the past 20 years. Lying UK. Complete with MAN professionally converted long distance truck. Asking £85,000. Listing at The Metre Yard.

US 90 Irene ex. D 41 AaAa, Zamboenga (11/2023)
1930 designed & built by Bjarne Aas. Irene's restoration is about half complete with 78 new white oak steam bent ribs installed. Most stainless steel floors and the chain plates are all bolted in and the entire inside mahogany hull has been wooded and sealed with varnish. Planking needs to be finished up and the deck replaced. Included is a sleeved 2 piece aluminum mast and boom and extra sitka spruce boom. Irene's build date qualifies her to race 2nd design rule races as well as all Classic races. Lying in Port Huron. Asking price $4,500. Tandem axle road trailer is available $1,200. Custom hydraulic 4 post cradle to lift a 6 meter off a trailer $1,000. Contact: Mark Conger (248) 435-6414 or Phil Conger (586) 468-1854  or

US 89 Dodo
1935 Bjarne Aas design built by Nordbjaerg in Denmark. Actively campaigned on Lake Huron by same owner for 30 years. Good shape. Make an offer - motivated seller. Contact Jim at (810) 300-1825. (11/2023)

US 69 BoVe
1946 Erling Kristoffersen Rule III design built in Norway. Fresh water boat with oak and ash frames on fir planking above the waterline and mahogany below. Comes with 2 masts, Harken roller furling headsail. Asking $25,000. Contact Jerry Conger , or phone (313) 212-1300.

KC 21 Junge (ex. D40 KDY 1930, ex Amaryllis)
1930 Wedellsborg design, Nordbjaerg built. Restoration candidate. Located Ontario, Canada. Contact
Call Ken Lavalette at (905) 986-9663. Lying Ontario, Canada

I 63 'Mizar III'
1946 S&S design 292. Built in double planked mahogany by Sangermani. Lying Lavagna, Italy. Asking €37000 as is, or fully restored and ready to sail €87000 (new sails not included). Contact Cantieri Sangermani -Tel.: 39-0185 307679 or Email (10/2013)

Recently Sold boats:


GBR 105 Tempest Sold (04/2023)
1987 Sparkman & Stephens design built by Goetz Custom. Updated keel and rudder and mast hydraulics. Very good condition with recent measurement certificate. Lots of spares and equipment, serviceable training sails. Ready to go for the 2023 World Championships at Cowes.

ESP 71 Berta, ex. SWE 121 - Sold to Germany June 2022
1988 Peter Norlin design built Jansson and Zarins. Well traveled and always competitive. Full suit of Europsail Black Aramid and North 3DL sails. Bartels headsail furler. 3 Display electronics - Wind, Depth and Speed, plus TackTick T110 display. Receiving much attention and expected to be ready in March 2023. Berta will sail at Cowes in the 2023 World Chamionships.

USA 124 Bear ex. GBR 102 - Sold November 2021
1989 Pelle Petterson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang. Fully refaired and refitted 2016. New mast and sails 2020. Sister to World champ Courage IX. New Howlett wings 2006. New full draft rudder 2017. Ready to go for the 2021 EC and 2022 Worlds. Lying San Xenxo

SWE 133 Jungfrun - sold July 2019
1986/1995 Peter Norlin design built by Jansson & Zarins, Koping. This was Peter Norlin's own boat and is well travelled, competitive and well maintained. In complete and good racing condition. Large sail inventory by Next and Sobstad; 5 spinnakers, 9 genoas, 3 mains.

GBR 100 Cream, ex. SWE 97 Irene II - sold to Spain August 2019
1979 Pelle Pettersen design built by Batbyggarna AB. Updated wing keel with trim tab and full draft rudder. Winner of the 1979 World Championships and 1980 European Championships. Well traveled and always competitive. Very good condition and ready to go for the 2020 EC and 2021 WC.

USA 107 Frenzy - Sold June 2019
1977 Britton Chance Jr. design built by Alexander Roberts Co. Clean and neat. Updated full draft rudder. Full sail inventory in race condition. Well maintained, in complete and excellent racing condition. Trailer available separately.

FRA 116 Bravade VI, ex. SWE 116 Indispensable - Sold April 2019
1988 Peter Norlin design built by Zarrin & Jansson. 2 masts: 2004 and 2008, Carbon spinnaker pole. Perfect wardrobe 3 DL carbon from Northsails USA, 2 Mainsails, 7 foresails genoa and jibs, 5 spinnakers Northsails airex. New Faroux keel and full draft rudder. Absolutely ready to compete at the highest level. Excellent condition. B&G + TackTick electronics.

GER 60 Philippa, ex. SWE 130, ex N85 Filippa - sold December 2018
1981 Pelle Pettersen design built by Batbyggarna AB. From same mold as multiple WC & EC champion 'Junior. Updated winged keel and full draft rudder designed by Judel/Vrolijk in 2008. Well traveled and always competitive. New mast from JohnMast 2010. All sails North 3DL. Selection of spinnakers and carbon fiber pole. Deck hardware from Harken. Transport cradle with full cover. Excellent condition.

USA 124 Bear, ex. GBR 102 - sold June 2018
1989 Pelle Petterson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang. Fully refaired and refitted 2016. New sails 2017. Sister to World champ Courage IX and the very fast Sting. New Howlett wings 2006. New full draft rudder 2017. Now being campaigned in Europe.

SWE 121 Berta - sold February 2018 to Spain
1988 Peter Norlin design built by Jansson & Zarins, Koping. Well travelled, always in the top 1/3 and well maintained. In complete and good racing condition. Large sail inventory. Lying Flensburg, Germany and can be shipped anywhere.

HKG 2 Thisbe 2 - Sold January 2018 to Geneva, Switzerland
1987 Pelle Petterson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang. Updated keel, trim tab & wings by Ian Howlett in 2007 to the World Championship winning "Scoundrel II" profile. Full draft rudder. Full sail inventory (7 sails) in race condition. Well maintained, in complete and excellent racing condition, including shipping cradle.

SWE 120 Sofia, ex. Irene VII - Sold January 2018 to Portugal.
1988 Pelle Petterson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang. This yacht is Pelle Petterson's second to last 6 metre built for himself. Updated keel & wings by Ian Howlett in 2014 and full draft rudder. Lewmar 40 winches for Genoa and spinnaker, Lewmar 43 ST for runners and mainsheet. Nexus log and wind instruments and electronic compass connected to Nexus server.

CAN 123 Finnegan, ex. Steverino - sold to Vancouver June 2017
1985 Brian Wertheimer design built by Martin Boat. Noted light air and all-around machine in excellent condition. Updated keel configuration, many sails, including unused and brand new set of North 3Di Race sails.

SWE 115 May Be XIV - sold to Spain in January 2017
1987 Pelle Pettersen design built by Batbyggarna AB, Stennungsund. Updated winged keel by Ridders & Bergstrom with trim tab and full draft rudder. Always competitive, consistent top 5 and many podium finishes, including most recently 2nd at both 2011 Worlds and 2012 Europeans. Good condition, new mast and spare, shipping cradle, many sails and ready to go.

GBR 96 Scoundrel - sold May 2016
1986 Ian Howlett design built by Paul Litton. Fast and successful. Beautiful bright finish wood construction in truly excellent condition. Well traveled and always competitive. Full and impressive sail wardrobe. Includes 2 masts, cradle, all over canvas covers and truck available separately. Will
now reside in San Francisco.

SWE 123 Sting - sold May 2016
1989 Pelle Pettersson design built by Batbyggarna AB, Ronnang. Excellent condition and always in the hunt. Many sails, ready to go. Boat will sail in the 2016 Europeans Championships in Brunnen, then relocate to San Francisco.

FRA 107 Tsigane, ex. Gitana Junior, GBR 85 Battlecry - Sold April 2106
1982 Ian Howlett design built at Thompson GRP, Southampton, UK. Updated winged keel with trim tab and full draft rudder. Winner of the Seawanhaka Cup in 1987, 2nd in the World Championships 2005 & 2007. Well traveled and always competitive. Recently 6th of 19 at 2015 Worlds. Slated to sail in the EC at Brunnen, then will relocate to Vancouver, B.C.

GBR 97 Scallywag, ex. USA 114 Perspicacious - Sold/Claimed April 2016.
1978 Gary Mull design built by legendary Carl Eichelaub in cold molded mahogany. Currently located at Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK. Boat is in decent condition, comes with a new mast. Will relocate to San Francisco following restoration by Demon Yachts in the UK.

SUI 122 Woodoo
Sold October 2015. Location TBD.
1989 Ridders & Bergstrom design built by Leif Carlsson. Composite construction with mahogany shell, natural varnished. Updated rudder and keel. Spare mast. Former World Cup and European Championship winner.

USA 111 Razzle Dazzle
Sold August 2015 - Location TBA
1975 Doug Peterson design built by Carl Eichenlaub. Mahogany planking on oak frames. She is in the middle stages of restoration and has been in dry storage for 3 years. Noted heavy air performer. New stern, new laminated oak frames forward of the mast support and aft of the rudder, with polished, stainless frames between rudder and mast. Mast is in good condition, but rigging needs to be replaced.

USA 110 AH SI SI (ex. SWE 110) SOLD June 2015. New home: Puget Sound.
1979 Doug Peterson design built in GRP by New Orleans Marine by commission of the San Francisco Bay Sailing Association. Originally sailed by Malin Burnham at the 1979 World Cup in Seattle. In excellent restored condition. New Stars & Stripes blue topside paint.

FRA 106 Warhorse, ex. USA 115 Warhorse - SOLD January 2015 - France. 1979 Brian Wertheimer design built by Bob Cadranell in 3 layers of cold molded mahogany plywood. Brian designed the boat for himself to compete in the 1979 World Cup held in Seattle, where she won the last race and ended 3rd of 26 entries on a tie breaker. In excellent condition and well cared for. Moving to La Trinite sur Mer after 33 years of single family ownership.

SWE 134 Evelina - SOLD 06/2014 - Finland. 1995 Peter Norlin design. Built by Roland Palm. Mahogany on oak frames, Proctor mast, Lewmar winches and fittings, several sails, comes with trailer and cradle. See her being built here:

GBR 110 New Sweden II, ex. SWE 129 - SOLD 01/2014 - Vancouver, B.C. 1989 Peter Norlin design. Built in GRP at Bohuslaska Batservice with updated Howlett wing keel and full depth rudder. Very good condition top and bottom with extensive sail wardrobe.

GBR 111 Blade Runner, ex. Blade - SOLD 01/2014 - Vancouver, B.C. 1987 Ian Howlett design built by T Smith, U.K. Built in GRP with updated wing keel and full depth rudder. Very quick in light to medium and solid. Excellent condition top and bottom with full suit of North and Next sails.

GBR 102 Bear, ex. BER 106 - SOLD 10/2013 - Puget Sound, USA 1989 Pelle Pettersen design built at Batbyggarna. Updated with Ian Howlett winged keel in 2008, along with large refurbishment effort - new paint, trim tab and rudder bearings replaced. Well traveled and competitive at the several World and European Championships she competed in. Proctor mast and many sails.

USA 112 Ranger - SOLD 07/2013 - Puget Sound, USA 1979 Gary Mull design built by Eric Goetz for Ted Turner and the Yellow Rose Syndicate of Fort Worth, Texas for the 1979 World Cup in Seattle. Sailed to 5th of 26 entries and later won the 1981 North Americans. Cold-molded wood with West epoxy, stripped and repainted in 2002 with Interspray 800/900 inside and out.

ITA 74 Nivola - SOLD 06/2013 - Romanshorn, Switzerland - Lake Constance 1984 Pelle Pettersen design. Actively campaigned from 1984 to 1993. European (1986) and World Cup champion (1993). Ericcson mast, plus spare mast, many older sails. Dedicated Fiat truck included with sale.

SWE 135 Gubbrora, ex USA 120 St Francis IX - SOLD 05/2013 - Vancouver, B.C. 1985 Pelle Pettersen design. 1989 World Champion, 1990 European Champion, fully equipped for racing, newly painted in Majestic blue. Full sail inventory from Next Sails and Sobstad, cradle, Ericsson spars. Updated keel and full depth rudder. Excellent racing history.


DEN 65 Great Dane, ex.US 97 Buzzy III, ex. KC 25 Buzzy III (04/2022)
1956 Sparkman & Stephens design built by J.J Taylor & Son in Toronto, Canada. Completely refurbished. 2 masts, many sails.

DEN XX Darling (04/2022)
2013 Robbe + Berking build of Sparkman & Stephens design 1151. Practically brand new and stunningly beautiful. All new mast, rigging and sails. She's a 6 metre, but currently not eligible as a 'Classic' in World or European Championship competition. Once issued a measurement certificate she is eligible to sail in the Open division.

US 54 Bobkat II (03/2021)
1932 Sparkman & Stephens design built by Henry B. Nevins, City Island, N.Y. Mahogany planks on oak frames. She was built for Robert Meyer, who named the boat after he and his wife, Katherine (Bob + Kat). Bobkat II was part of the famous American team that went to England for the 1932 British American Team Races. The other members of the team were US 55 LucieUS 56 Jill and US 60 Nancy. Bobkat II was restored to her original racing configuration at Cantieri dell Argentario in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy for her previous owner, Doug Peterson, the famous yacht designer.

US 33 Clytie II - Sold October 2020
1927 Clinton Crane design built by Henry B. Nevins. Fully restored and ready for the next owner. Light Grey hull, buff deck, green antifouling, Varnished trim, Varnished spars, mast original in good condition. Reframed & mostly re-planked. 

ITA 64 Ciocca II - Sold July 2019
1948 Sparkman & Stephens design originally built in Italy by Baglietto. Lines and performance very similar to Goose and Llanoria. Represented Italy in the 1952 Olympics. Requires full restoration, but once finished will be competitive at the highest level. Now under restoration at Brion Rieff's yard.

US 90 Fokus III ex. Exit, Little Sister - Sold August 2017
1947 Bjarne Aas design. Excellent condition. Sister ship to Elizabeth X. Restored 2007 for 2009 World Cup in Newport RI where it placed in the top 10. Custom winches, North 3DL sails used only one season; like new. All new rod rigging.

US 72 Lulu - Sold Vancouver June 2017
1937 Sparkman & Stephens design built by Henry B. Nevins on City Island, New York. Commissioned and sailed by Briggs Cunningham, who won the Bermuda Gold Cup and Scandinavian Gold Cup in her debut year. Very good condition and could be a formidable competitor at the 2017 World Championships in Vancouver B.C.

US 99 Why Not (sold January 2017)
1947 Tore Holm design built at Holms Yacht in Gamleby, Sweden. Ash ribs with mahogany planking. Fresh water boat in very good condition with many upgrades.

KC 26 SIRA (ex D49 KITSITA II) (Sold May 2016 to Vancouver)
1935 Knud H. Reimers design for Baron C. Juel Brockdorff and built in Denmark by the Nordbjaerg yards.  Honduras mahogany/white oak/Swedish steel with Burma teak and padouk decks and cuddy cabin.  Rebuilt in '74-'75 by C&C Custom Yachts and thereafter maintained by Carlaw Custom Yachts.  Beautiful tapered aluminum mast and boom by "Klaco" (triple spreader/jumper strut painted mast buff).  Owned by Judi Kennedy since 1973 and now joining the Vancouver fleet.

CAN 10 Gallant, ex. Talizman - Sold to Spain 03/2016
1947 Arvid Laurin design built by Plym in Neglinge, Sweden. Imported to Canada in late 50's and sailed on Lake Ontario for over 40 years. Restored by Jespersen Boatbuilders 2004 - 2005 and extremely successful since then, including winning both the 2009 World Championships and 2012 European Championships.

GER 59 AIDA - ex A11 VIKING, ex N62 RANI 2, ex D59 MORENA, ex D59 AIDA - Sold to Spain 03/2016
1936 Bjarne Aas Design built at Fredrikstad, Norway. Full competetive racing condtion, International SixMetre Mesurement Certificate, DH Certificate Competitor at 1936 Kiel & 1948 Torquay Olympic Games 2nd Europeans 2005 Flensburg, 9th Worlds Cowes 2007 fastest German SixMetre in the last decade, extraordinary fast in light and moderate air, well documented history.

GBR 48 Caprice - sold to Spain 02/2016
1946 James McGruer design built by McGruer Co Ltd on the Gareloch in Scotland for military aviation hero Sir Frank Spriggs. Well documented 1998 restoration of this former garden shed and chicken coop in the publication Classic Boat. Mahogany planks on oak frames with a 3mm khaya sheathing applied to the exterior. Excellent condition and very successful in recent regattas internationally.

FIN 52 Marianne - sold to Spain 02/2016
1934 Tore Holm design built in Gamleby for a prominent Swedish lawyer. Representative for Sweden in the Scandinavian Gold Cup and always competitive. Major restoration in 2010 with New laid deck in Oregon pine, many deck beams, mahogany covering boards, king plank, and new mahogany cockpit coamings. New keelson and centerline horn timbers.

FIN 50 Ali Baba II - sold to Spain 02/2016
1948 Tore Holm design built for Sven Salén. 1948 London Olympics contender representing Sweden (Bronze) and also in Helsinki 1952 representing Finland (Bronze). Won the 1999 ISMA World Championships in Hanko and also winner of several regattas and rankings in Finland during 2000 and further on.

FIN 59 Ian, ex. S 29 Marja, Zuleika, Oldian - sold to Spain 09/2015
1929 Gustav Estlander design built for himself at Arendals Boatyard in Gothenberg. Ian won the 1930 Scandinavian Gold Cup. The boat received a major restoration at Kotka, Finland by Red Sky Craft over 2006 - 2007. Excellent condition.

US 64 Tao - ex. "Erne" - (Sold to Thailand 7/2015) 1934 Herman Whiton/Olin Stephens design built by Nevins. Read the story of her travels here. Original wood spar. Requires some work after being damaged in transit.

US 91 Enterprise, ex. L26 Vinnia and N 57 Vinnia (sold to Thailand 6/2015)
1935 Christian Jensen design built by Anker and Jensen at Soon Slip, Norway. Douglas Fir (Oregon Pine) planking over oak frames.

US 96 Hanko III, ex. KC 30 Eclipse, ex. N 82 Hanko III - sold 01/2015 - Germany. 1955 Bjarne Aas designed and built. Mahogany planks on oak frames. Originally built as a lottery boat for the KNS (Royal Norwegian Yacht Club) and sailed by Crown Prince Olav in her initial season. Completely restored in 1996 and immaculately maintained since that time.

GER 39 Antje - sold 04/2014 - Finland 1939 B. Wilke designed and built in Kiel. Originally built of Oregon Pine on Oak frames with a large part of the hull replanked in mahogany. 60 new frames, most floors, stem and rudderpost replaced. Planks have been splined. She comes with a aluminium mast as well as a lovely wooden rig. Set of racing sails ( main + 4 headsails, 2 spinnakers).

US 54 Bobkat II - sold 12/13 - UK. 1931 Sparkman & Stephens design - Nevins Built. Rebuilt to original by Cantiere dell' Argentario 2004. A very competitive yacht both when built and now. Arguably the most successful of the "restored to original" group (wood mast, layout, original rig style & position, etc.). Website with restoration and action photos.